• Mushroom Coffee Fusion - Lion’s Mane & Chaga

    16 oz

  • Mushroom Coffee Fusion - Lion’s Mane & Chaga

    4 oz

  • 100% ORGANIC

    Purely organic, for a guilt-free sip every time


    Gluten-free goodness in every cup


    Free from antibiotics, full of natural flavor


    Sweetness without the sugar


    Lactose-free luxury for all to enjoy


    Cruelty-free coffee, perfect for vegans

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Stay focused without the jitters - Lion’s Mane & Chaga

With our mushroom coffee, say goodbye to jitters and anxiety while still enjoying heightened senses and improved focus. Milky flavor with slightly sweet and nutty notes. Experience the natural energy boost without the crash, as Lion's Mane mushrooms support cognitive function and mental clarity. Meanwhile, Chaga mushrooms provide a wealth of antioxidants to support overall well-being.

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  • Lion's Mane

    • Enhances cognitive function
    • Supports brain health
    • Boosts focus and memory
  • Chaga

    • Strengthens immune system
    • Rich in antioxidants
    • Promotes overall well-being
  • Coffee Extract

    • Provides energy boost
    • Increases alertness
    • Elevates mood

Challenging Conventional Coffee

Indulge in a cup of our premium mushroom coffee and unlock the full potential of your day. Enjoy adaptogenic mushrooms and nootropics to help you to focus, give you energy and help balance the gut without the crash and jitters of conventional coffee! Treat yourself to a blend that not only tantalizes your taste buds but also nourishes your body and mind.

NO MUSHROOM TASTE: Tastes like amazing smooth nutty coffee, not Mushrooms!

USDA Certified Organic, FairTrade
No Imported Mushrooms in our Products
No Fillers
Ingredients : USDA Certified Organic Coffee + USDA Certified Organic Full Spectrum Lion's Mane and Chaga Mushroom
Sustainability: environmentally friendly packaging

  • Sarah J.


    Each sip takes me on a journey to paradise! I LOVE the smooth taste and I do not taste mushroom at all. Just pure nutty coffee taste.

  • David S.


    This coffee did not disappoint. It had exceptional taste without leaving my chest racing or a crash!

  • Emily G.


    I'm OBSESSED. I can't start my day without the smooth and flavorful brews. Highly recommend!

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